Star of Hope Equine Therapy

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“Star of Hope” Needs Your Support!

Star of Hope is a Christian program which focuses on emotionally-damaged kids to help them overcome fragile self worth, broken hearts, and interpersonal expectations, but it also teaches them the availability and power of God’s love!

S.T.A.R. is for:

    • Safety
    • Trust
    • Attachment
    • Redemption

Hope” is for Heaven!

Licensed, Professional Counselor Emily Schmidt has an entire program in progress now to apply these therapies, as well as a larger vision which one day includes a permanent facility as well as full-time staff to help provide the specialized counseling, guiding kids to God.

Special teaching informs and guides the kids who need assurance, direction, coaching, and who need hope for a future while coming to terms with their internal pain, loss, and confusion.

Running an equine therapy program has significant cost – about $2,000 per month – for counseling time as well as horse and facility expenses.

From Emily’s donation website (at CORD Ministries):

…  helping kids work through–and even overcome–negative impacts of trauma. This includes using play therapy, equine assisted psycho-therapy and mentoring for parents/foster parents. Along with helping families impacted by trauma, Emily finds great joy in teaching kids about the love of God, both in the counseling setting and through a discipleship curriculum called F.A.R.M. Kids (Forgiven And Redeemed Man) that uses horses to help people better understand who God is.


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