Great Plains is a safe place to start.

Aren’t we all working on getting better, fighting our own internal and external battles in a broken world?

Sometimes, part of our healing begins by first admitting defeat; we simply can’t do things the same way any more and go on. We may finally figure out that we don’t have the power ourselves to get and stay moving in the right direction.

Please: don’t feel like you have to fix all your bad stuff before you set foot in a church.

Our leaders echo Jesus’ observation, in that Great Plains is like a “hospital for sick people” — bound by the sickness of sin, in a continual battle to become well.

Luke 5:31:
“And Jesus answered and said to them, “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick.”

We’re non-denominational.
We’re led by prayer and the Holy Spirit.
We love each other because God loved us first.
We don’t do “religion” – we strive for relationship.

We also don’t implement the “celebrity pastor” model. Multiple pastors, teachers, and leaders at Great Plains use biblical principles and truth for the basis of their messages, as well as personal life guidance and overall decision making.

When you’re ready, we offer service Sunday mornings at 10:00am.

Come a bit early to have some coffee and visit.

We also offer small-group Bible study before the service, if you like to learn and participate with others in thematic lessons and scripture discussions.